Stop Praising “Busy” & Let’s Slooow Down

I set my November intentions at the beginning of the month…

The number one thing on there was to SLOW DOWN. 

Coming from two back-to-back trips totaling to 21 days, my mind, body and spirit were craving a break. 

I fell into the trap of believing busy means productive and confused this motion with progress.

Society has glorified being busy. It means you’re a hard worker. If you work around the clock and don’t sleep, you must be climbing the corporate ladder and can buy anything you want because you’re making a lot of money. There’s a few problems with this picture but the biggest one for me is Money will NEVER make you happy.

I find happiness in the present. Living in the moment and finding gratitude for all that you have. When I work from this state, I find myself producing more quality work. In a world inundated with information, you have to find your voice and stand out. If you agree, the below points are what help me focus on my goals, allowing me to accomplish them while being happy with who I am and who I’m becoming.

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco 

Clear Up The Calendar

  • I used to say yes to everything. I felt like if I didn’t, I was missing out. A missed friendship, a missed opportunity…a missed anything. After months of going to literally everything in the city, I had to press pause. I was burnt out physically, mentally and emotionally. I felt very productive because I was doing so much. But when I started to pay attention to my results of engagement, readers, blog quantity and quality, new clients, the events weren’t paying off.
  • Look at your calendar and see if you can move it. Can you reschedule that coffee date? What about delegating work? Outsource? Clearing the calendar can could be hard at the beginning but so freeing. You’ll notice you start using that free time to sit down and actually work. From a calm state. Not a scatter brained “I need to get this done”. You’ll want to work versus feeling like you need to work. Big difference.

Do One Thing At A Time

  • I used to feel like I needed to hustle my heart out. Do three things at once and that wasn’t enough. Eat right, move right, have the utmost energy to do the most possible. Rinse and repeat. This led to feeling burnt out. Taking a step back, I realized I was only doing half work . Was this the best I could produce? Was I giving it my all? Not even close.
  • Open one tab at a time. Use the Pomodoro Method. Turn your phone face down until you complete a task. Make a list every night of three personal and three professional things to get done. Not to work on, to get done. Big difference.
Photo by Paige Babilla

Make time to check in

  • Now that you’ve cleared up your schedule and are getting shit done, it’s time to turn inwards. Check in with yourself by journaling, stretching, meditating or simply day dreaming. There are other ways to check in but in my opinion, these are the best. Earlier I mentioned we are in a society that’s always on. Constantly inundated with information telling us what to do, what to look like, what to strive for, the list goes on and on. Turning off for a bit allows you to think and pay attention to what YOU want, not what the world tells you to want.
  • Carving out more you time will allow you to grow a closer relationship with yourself. A better understanding of what you want. What you like. Saying no will be easier. You’ll be more in tune with your body, what it needs and what it craves. This grows into a consistent state of mindfulness where you’ll find yourself checking in automatically without having to schedule it.

Doing more doesn’t mean you’re doing more. If you have a packed calendar, getting pulled in all directions, feel scatter brained and don’t remember the last time you let yourself think, try these three simple methods out. You don’t have to do them all at once. Remember, one thing at a time. I would start by freeing up your calendar. To take a smaller step, try this just for one day. Perhaps a Saturday or Sunday. Once it’s clear, you can start to slow down and do one thing that you truly want to do.

Eager to hear your thoughts! Drop a comment below and let’s chat.

  1. Awesome read!! My personal experience lately is that I have felt so overloaded all week that I completely shut down by Saturday. That scatterbrained feeling so overwhelming that I end up closing out the important people in my life at home. Time to step back and regroup. Thank you!

    1. Yes, especially with this crazy time known as the holidays. Getting pulled in all directions – I get it. Don’t feel guilty if you schedule in a couple hours for yourself to regroup. You deserve it!

  2. This is a repeated needed reminder KJ for all seasons of life. We are creatures of habit and our surroundings and it’s so important to have that reminder to check in and say “is this the lifestyle I really want”. Great read!

    1. Yes, absolutely! I think this season is great for that – to slow down and reflect. Is everything I’m doing or stressed out about worth it? Am I doing this for the right reasons? It can be so liberating.

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