“AHA” Moment Turned Philosophy

When I was 24, I was fortunate enough to have my company take a group of us to go to the Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” seminar.

It’s a 4 day immersion in a place of total support, positivity and energy. I still think back to when Tony walked on stage for Day 1 around 1 PM. He ended that first day past 2 AM. He did not leave the stage once during that time. Right off the bat, I was in the presence of a superhuman! At that point, I suddenly didn’t feel tired anymore.

My excuses flew out the window and I decided to be 100% committed. I was in a room of greatness so I wanted to make the most of it.

I won’t go through the specifics of what each day consisted of – you can see that here. What I do want to go over is what resonated with me most and how I will never look back.

1 – We Have More Energy Than We Think. You are up on your feet 80% of the time at this seminar. Dancing, exercising, activities and oh yeah, more dancing. When Pitbull performs, YOU DANCE! 🙂

The seminar really pushed me to my physical limits. I was sore and tired but somehow I mustered up enough energy to go through all days and enjoy every minute of it.

Now I know what it means to “Push Yourself” or “Dig Deep”. We all have more energy than we think. Next time you’re feeling “tired”, crank up the music and SHAKE THAT ASS!

2 – Don’t Run From Your Insecurities, Face Them. This was the hardest process to experience. There’s a meditation, breathing techniques and visualization that occurs (I still practice them today). What they allow you to do is face your deepest and darkest insecurities. This is so uncomfortable & unfortunately, not depicted as a necessary process in mainstream society.

What I realized in that moment after 24 years, I have never truly dealt with my insecurities and therefore still had them, subconsciously.


3 – Choose Love over Fear. And this was my “Aha” moment. Every decision we make, every day we live, every person we meet, every interaction we have, we always have a choice. You can either choose to live with love or resort to fear. Are you playing the victim in your life or are you grateful for another day? What’s your intent for success? Is it money, fame and cars? Or is it to bring value to others?

Perhaps you aren’t a fan of Tony Robbins. Perhaps you don’t have money for the seminar. Perhaps you don’t like this “self-help bullshit” and that’s okay. To each it’s own. I chose to write this blog to share my personal experience and how this seminar did truly help me and mold me into the person I am creating today. If one person reads this and feels inspired to be better, than writing this was worth it.


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