A Different Way To Gift

Ah, the season of giving is upon us.

Cooking our seasonal specialties, reminiscing on shared memories, playing games around the dinner table and…shopping. Lots and lots of shopping.

My social media feed has become inundated with “swipe up to purchase NOW”, “hurry! items will sell out”, or “buy 10 and get 1 free”.

It’s the holidays. I get it. There are sales every where and we should take advantage of all the discounts.

However, I also feel pressured to buy everything. Since when isn’t one gift good enough anymore?

As a society we’ve become obsessed with gift giving in excess aka consumerism. Documentaries like “Broken, “The True Cost” or Patriot Act’s The Ugly Truth of Fast Fashion” reveal just how bad it is.

If you’re like me, you’re tired of all the pressure that comes along with gift giving and you just want to give something meaningful, not check the box of someone’s wish list.

I believe the holidays are to spend quality time with your loved ones that you don’t get to see very often. It’s a time where you get to give one thing that is meaningful…and that’s it. And that one thing can be something you made, an experience, or a product they’d love that’s sustainable and could keep for a long time.

For this holiday season, I want you to think about buying with intention. I’ve put together a list of ideas that will help you be more mindful with your purchasing habits. I also list out products (at the end) that to some could be pricey, however, remember you’re buying one item, it will last them a long time and you’re supporting a brand you actually care about.

See below for my version of a Holiday Gift Guide:


think green


  • Pay for the first month of a new app they’d like!
  • Downloadable guides/ebooks
  • University program like Sorelle Amore


  • Have they been wanting to see a movie that you could take them too?
  • Have they ever been ice skating?
  • Have they been wanting to try that new restaurant out?
  • Have they always wanted to go see a museum?
  • For my wine lovers, have they been to a wine tasting?
  • Here are 50 more ideas!


Anything by Jen Sincero…

disclaimer: some of the items listed below are affiliate links. Click the image to purchase.

more favorites

11 products i love

disclaimer: some of the items listed below are affiliate links. Click the image to purchase.

1. Byredo

Bert and I use these unisex fragrances daily. Pricey but the scent lasts all day and we receive endless compliments. It truly transports you to a memory in your life, which is what the founder Ben Gorman originally wanted. We met him in person during a panel here in Chicago. He also used to play basketball so needless to say, Bert is in love!

2. Aesop

An intelligent and sustainable product to cover up those not so pleasant smells after using the potty 🙂 This could last years because all you need is 2 – 3 drops every time. They partner with organizations to “help provide a platform for expression to those who may otherwise struggle to be heard”.

3. Reformation

Another sustainable brand, I always have a good experience with Reformation clothing. I personally love their dresses and their two piece sets. I own the dress pictured above but unfortunately they don’t have this exact style any more. However, I’ve linked the image to all of their dresses, I’m sure you’re bound to fall in love with all of their beautiful styles!

4. Athleta

This brand is much more than an activewear clothing line. They are rapidly building community with their Wellness Collective meet ups all over the nation and are supporting Mother Nature with their sustainability efforts. Truly one of the most forward thinking brands out there!

5. Joah Brown

Let’s just say I live in these biker shorts. No seriously, practically every post on my instagram is me rocking these haha. They feel like a second skin!

6. Veja

Women’s Size 7 / Women’s Size 8 / All Other Sizes

A recent find but will have these for years. A classic white sneaker that is sooooo versatile. I’ve worn these with jeans and a coat in the winter but also dresses in the summer! They are water repellent and lined with organic cotton. Some shoes are vegan and some have insoles made out of plastic bottles.

7. Stasher bags

A new way to take snacks on the go. Say no to plastic and gift these re-usable bags!

8. Simple Modern

If you think you don’t get enough water, get this 64 oz. water bottle 🙂 Based out of Oklahoma City and reducing plastic one water bottle at a time, BPA free and stainless steel – this is definitely a gift worth giving.

9. VAVA Frother

Sooooo many of you have asked about my frother. This was the best $40 bucks I’ve ever spent. I can make myself a delicious and pretty latte which allows me to enjoy it more. Because I’m making a gourmet, coffee shop level latte every morning, I don’t run to Starbucks everyday….saving A LOT of money. Think about it, I get a Grande Coconut Milk latte with 1 scoop vanilla bean religiously = $5 – $6 X 5 days a week = $25 – $30. Times that by 4 weeks, you’re looking at $100 – $120 PER MONTH ON COFFEE. I just saved you $60 – $80. You’re welcome. 🙂

10. Hu Kitchen

Best dark chocolate brand out there. I partnered up with them earlier this year for a giveaway and I was able to taste 8 different flavors and this one was by far my favorite. Enjoy!

11. Tone It Up Protein

You didn’t think I would write a holiday gift guide without including Tone It Up, did you!? Vanilla goes with every shake and the organic line come in bigger sizes. Yes please!

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