New Years resolutions don’t work.

The place you are in now is because of your daily habits, routine and choices you’ve made over the years. I don’t believe you can change from one day to the next.

takes time, effort and awareness to create a healthy lifestyle! Read below for my 10 healthy habits you can start today!

Go Outdoors

  • I work remote so this can be tough for me if I’m really busy and don’t think about making time to get outdoors. However, I’ve learned this is necessary for my mental health. Even if it’s a walk to the grocery store or taking your dog outside…everything counts!

Don’t start your day or end your day on your phone

  • If we start our day on the phone, we can feel scatter brained and end up being in a reactive state. A loss of mental clarity will affect your mood and productivity.
  • If we end our day on the phone, we can have a restless sleep since the blue light tends to keep us up longer than intended.

Read 10 pages a day

  • Reading makes you smart! 🙂 haha, but seriously, reading allows me to wake up my brain and retain the words a bit more if it’s just 10 pages every day.

Brain Dump

  • We are all pulled in so many directions with all of the things we have to do and it makes us CRAZY. If you’re like me, I hate thinking about everything I have to do. I feel scatter brained and stressed out. I take my journal and I jot everything down so it’s on paper and not in my mental space.

Time Chunk

  • As a next step, I then transfer those items on my to do list and actually carve out time for them on my calendar. Otherwise, it’ll stay on my to do list and nothing will get done.

Drink Water

  • This is a no brainer. Water provides so many health benefits: hydration, mental clarity, injury prevention, soreness prevention, working organs, dewy skin…you name it! Water can do it all.

20 Minute Sweat

  • We all have those lazy days (believe me) and that’s okay. You don’t have to sacrifice your cozy apartment nor your energy to put on a cute outfit. Simply roll out a yoga mat, grab some dumbbells and squat it out!


  • This might be uncomfortable for some of you, but seriously, life is too short. Dance to wake your body up, enhance your mood and feel like a BADASS!


  • For those days when you were really busy and you didn’t even get 20 minutes to sweat it out, stretch! Your body will thank you. I personally like to do it before bed to calm down and get ready for a good nights’ rest.


  • Admittedly, I don’t do this every day. However, when I do, I like to do it after a workout. It allows me to slow my breathing and check in with how my body is feeling. Most importantly, I feel so much gratitude for what my body just did.

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